Southern Agenda

A Little Bit About Us

Mary Catherine opened Southern Agenda in June of 2012 after noticing the lack of a unique gift store in Niceville. For the past five years, she had been working as an antique dealer for Smith's Antiques & Interiors in Destin, but was ready to do something a little closer to home. She began to form an idea of a store that sold a little something for everyone, with everything from antique furniture to gifts to jewelry and pantry items, and she quickly put her plan into action. Customers often comment "If you can't find something you want in here, you're not looking hard enough."

Every member of our staff is knowledgeable of each line that we carry in the store and will be able to answer any questions about our products that you may have.

The touching story below is from one of our regular customers.

     "When I made my monthly visit to Southern Agenda before Valentines Day 2013, the front table was full of V Day gifts and pretty things. I was immediately taken with the 2 glass 'hearts' on the table, each hanging on a little ribbon. Each heart was different and was made from glass. I bought them in Feb, because I knew that the future held uncertainty for our family, with regards to my 12 year old son's heart.
     In mid February, Juan was hospitalized with the flu and had complications that required a hospitalization in Pensacola. During this hospital stay, his life long heart murmur was further worked up and it turned out he had an undetected congenital heart defect, from birth! It was recommended he have this repaired to prevent catastrophic chance of something bad happening in the future due to this malformation. He is a healthy kid, top tennis player and we were stunned. Flash forward to me buying these hearts!
     I saved them until late March, kept them carefully wrapped in my closet and when my husband and I and Juan traveled to Atlanta Egleston Children's hospital to have his heart repaired... I gave him one heart and I kept the other (see the picture from the pre-op period). The nurses explained that some younger children are permitted to bring a stuffed animal into the OR with them for comfort and security until they are put to sleep... they allowed Juan to bring his glass heart into the OR while they fixed his own heart. He clutched that heart and I held mine and he sailed through the procedure. When he came out, groggy and sleepy, there was the heart, beside him on the bed. That story and the heart really touched the nursing staff and of course, it brought us great comfort.
     Juan is doing very well now and back to school and on the tennis team. But, those hearts still tell a story. I am stationed with the military up in Baltimore, MD for another few months and my 3 children and husband live in Niceville. I will be home for good, very soon. But when I left the family to return to MD after this emotional heart surgery, I took my heart with me to Baltimore and left Juan's here. I hung it up on a wall in the kitchen with a note that said, "I have the other heart with me". I had to leave for the airport super early and I wanted him to see his heart when he woke up and I was gone. It will continue to bring us joy and great stories for years to come!
     Thank you for the gift you gave us of these beautiful crafted hearts. They meant everything to us! We appreciate your artistry and wanted to share this story with you.
     -Julie Bosch

Southern Agenda
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