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Here at Southern Agenda, we carry jewelry, artwork, and ornaments from a number of artists in the local area. Our close connections with our artists allow us to work with them and our customers to create unique, customized pieces that anyone is sure to love.

Chick Huettel
Chick Huettel, known as the "Tennessee River Painter", painted along the Tennessee River for 30 years before moving to our area. His studio overlooks the Choctawhatchee Bay located in Santa Rosa Beach, and he is well known in this area for painting local landscapes and scenery. His work has been featured in galleries in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Pentagon and the TVA offices also contain his artwork. Mary Catherine has been representing Chick's portraits for many years now, and always has several of his pieces available in Southern Agenda.

Kelly Wild
Kelly Wild is a jewelry designer located right here in Bluewater Bay. Her designs feature hand-blown glass beads inspired by our beautiful beaches. Her most in demand piece is a Destin Sand Bead necklace, which is a hollow glass bead filled with beautiful, white Destin sand, making it the perfect gift for any woman either visiting or living in this area. All of her designs make fabulous, one-of-a kind gifts.

Charlotte Arnold
Southern Agenda is lucky to carry pieces by Charlotte Arnold, a well known juried artist who excels at everything from drawing and portraits to landscape and illustration. Her pieces are breathtakingly realistic and have been featured in a number of exhibitions all over the country.

Big Orange House Designs
Angela Stevenson is incredibly talented at using recycled glass to make one-of-a-kind gifts. Her most popular item that we carry is a cheese platter made from a melted glass bottle. She is able to make specialty platters using a glass bottle (typically wine or champagne) that she customizes with paint and designs molded into the glass. These make excellent gifts for newlyweds using the bottle of champagne that they have their first toast with.

Kathy Schumacher
Kathy specializes in original animal portrait paintings from your photos. All of her portraits are doine in oil on professional grade linen or stretched canvas. We carry several portrait paintings of Kathy's, ranging from portraits of animals to portraits of flowers, and each is as beautiful as the next.

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