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Our Products

Here at Southern Agenda, we've tried to mainly carry products from the South. We work with a number of small companies that make unique and sometimes customizable products. Some of our lines include:

Caren Products
Caren is by far one of our most popular lines. Based out of Georgia, they offer luxurious skin care products that use natural ingredients to make fabulous lotions, soaps, body wash, face scrubs, and much more. Their products were originally developed by doctors for cancer patients, who are more sensitive to smells and harsh chemicals in lotions. All of their products are very mild, aloe based, and non-greasy, and none of their products contain Mineral Oil or are tested on animals.

Grandmother's Buttons
This unique jewelry line from St. Francisville, Louisiana uses vintage and antique beads and buttons in their designs. Their products include one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, and charms. They were recently featured in Country Living and Southern Living Magazines. Showcasing the pieces containing unique antique buttons, beads, and glass that come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sally's Greatest Jam

Mary Catherine discovered Sally's Jam when her Strawberry Basil was selected as a Garden & Gun Made in the South Winner and knew she wanted to carry the product when the store opened. Sallie (from South Carolina) called Southern Agenda to share her excitement when her jams were chosen by Oprah as one of her Favorite Products of the Year in 2012. Sally's Greatest Jam is one of our most popular pantry items. These herbal jams are fabulous over cheese, made into salad dressings, and can even be used to spice up your drinks. Some of the flavors available are Strawberry Basil, Blackberry Spice + Sage, and Blueberry Lavender. These gourmet jams make the perfect hostess gift!

Some of our other product lines include Olive & Sinclair Chocolates (Nashville), Beaucoup Designs Jewelry(Louisiana), Corkcicles (Orlando), Fairhope Soy Candle Company (just right over the Florida State Line), Park Hill (Arkansas), and San Diego Hat Company (although, not Southern, their products stand up to our extreme weather).


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